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FAQ: How do I?
Find a parish
Please go to the and locate your Deanery. Click to go to the list and find the parish on that page. Alternatively, Parishes within Kolkata can be found from the menu on the bottom left corner of the Homepage, labled :"Looking for a parish/Church"

Find a priest
A list of priests working in the archdiocese will be made available here soon. Alternatively, priests can be found by approaching their congregations (for religious houses) or Archbishop's House office (for Diocesan priests). Please visit the Deaneries page for more details.

Find a Catholic school
A list of schools in the archdiocese is available here.

Get married in church
Confirmed Catholics should contact their priest if they are resident in a parish anywhere in India, who will assist them in the process. For foreigners, there are additional steps to be followed. Please contact the parish priest of the church you intend to get married in. This is should also be followed by all others, since there may be specific differences that may have to be addressed.

Become a Catholic
Approach a Catholic priest or religious and express your wish. But first see that you have enough information to help you decide if being a Catholic is what is really what you desire. Finding out more by contacting the Bible Enquiry Centre or taking a Bible study course first may be helpful in your decision.

Become a priest
If you are an individual and have discerned a calling for the priesthood, or want to see if the priesthood is for you, you may approach the The Diocesan Vocation promoter, Father Gregory Monterio, and you can also find the Promoter in your Deanery under DIOCESAN DIRECTORS & ANIMATORS, on the Officals page, who will guide you on the proceedure to be followed.

Contact Catholic Cemeteries
You may find out about all Christian cemetries in Kolkata city by contacting the Christian Burial Board. There website is available at For other Deaneries, you may enquire at the Archbishop's House office.

Make a donation to charity
There are many charities within the archdiocese that could benefit from donation. Please contact Archbishop's House (details on the Contact page) or email us. Alternatively, donations can be made directly to catholic institutions, such as seminaries ( or old age homes.

Refer family/judicial matters
The best person is your parish priest, who will refer you to the competent authority, as required.

Request a document
Copies of documents such as baptism certificates are available from the church or chapel you were baptised in. Locate the church and then make a request at the parish office. For other types of certificates/documents, enquire at the office of the orignating parish, or the parish from whom you require the document.

Find a social service centre
A list of social service centres run by the archdiocese is available on the Ministries page. Many religious communities within the archdiocese also run social service projects and centres. To check for these on this website, go to the Deaneries page and locate them there, under their respective Deaneries, under Social Action of each parish.

Find a religious community
There are over 15 religious communities serving in the Archdiocese of Calcutta. A list of these, and their area of involvement, will be made available shortly. To check for a community on this website, go to the Deaneries page and locate them there, under their respective Deaneries > Parishes.