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St Francis Xavier - Patron of Calcutta Archdiocese
St. Francis Xavier (1506-1552) was born near Pamplona, Spain on April 7, 1506. Xavier was educated at the University of Paris. In 1529, while in Paris, he met the Spanish ascetic, Ignatius of Loyola. Xavier was one of the group that joined Ignatius to found the Society of Jesus.

He arrived at Goa in India on 6th May, 1542. He taught children, visited prisoners, and comforted the sick in hospitals. He shared with people the teachings of Jesus and instructed them to love and to hope. He inspired them to be kind and compassionate towards one another and to become agents of peace, prosperity and justice. From Goa he traveled to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Malacca, Amboina, Morotai, Japan, Sancian Island and Singapore, and continued to serve and inspire people by his exemplary lifestyle.

On 21st November, 1552 he fell ill on Sancian Island and died on 3rd December and was buried there. In 1553 his incorrupt body was exhumed and buried in Malacca. On 15th August his body was again exhumed and taken to Goa. It has been kept there in the Basilica of Bom Jesus ever since. People from all over the world, irrespective of their religious affiliation and social status, visit the Basilica everyday and draw inspiration and enlightenment from the saint.